My favorite poets, authors and works (in no particular order) are:

George MacDonald – Particularly his faerie romance Phantastes, but his theological works are full of insight and proof of his deep trust in the power of love.

Edgar Allan Poe – Mostly his poetry, but I also enjoy many of his stories. Poe was one of the first poets who got me interested in poetry.

Boethius – To fall in love with Boethius is to become immersed in the medieval worldview.

Christopher Marlowe – Especially Doctor Faustus, a work that never ceases to reveal meaning on new levels.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Pretty much all of his poetry.

Kahlil Gibran – A Lebanese poet most famous for The Prophet.

Graham Greene – The Power and the Glory, considered to be one of Greene’s masterpieces, is full of great prose, deep insight, and rich characters.

Miller, Walter – A Canticle for Leibowitz is my favorite science-fiction work.

Thomas Malory – The Morte D’Arthur is one of the greatest syntheses of Arthurian romance. If you think you know the King Arthur legends, read this book. There’s so much more to them.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – A generally less well-known medieval Arthurian text. Sir Gawain’s horse is named Gringolet. I will likely always remember that bit of minutiae.


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