An Interlude in Quotes & Minor Silliness (S-Minor?)

I’ve been re-reading George Macdonald’s fantastic work Phantastes for what is probably the sixth time. George MacDonald is considered to be the grandfather of modern fantasy by virtue of being a major influence on CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. But he was also a Scottish priest and a poet. I think I’ve lauded Phantastes before, but it could always use more because it is truly a stunning work of prose. Here is a great piece of wisdom that a fairy says to Anodos (the main character) when he disbelieves that he is even seeing the fairy:

“…That is always the way with you men; you believe nothing the first time; and it is foolish enough to let mere repetition convince you of what you consider in itself unbelievable.”

And, because I can never let a good chance go by without quoting St. Severinus Boethius, this quote popped into my mind after reading a great post by a blogfriend circlecitadel:

“For just as you may call a cadaver a dead man, but cannot call it simply a man, so I would concede that vicious men are evil, but I cannot say, in an absolute sense, that they exist. For a thing is which maintains its place in nature and acts in accord with its nature. Whatever fails to do this loses the existence which is proper to its nature.”

And now I have to ask you, do you enjoy bad movies? Because I really enjoy watching bad movies. It’s a guilty pleasure. The worse the movie is, the better. Science-fiction movies from the 1960s are a gold mine. But every now and then a modern movie simply hits the correct confluence of bad acting, bad directing, bad dialogue, etc. Here is a clip from one such movie I have recently discovered. It is called The Room and it has been described as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Enjoy!

Now try and get that dialogue out of your head. Better yet invite over some friends, grab a pizza and maybe a glass of wine too and watch the entire movie.

And now, just because I like it, here’s a picture of a Lada:


~ by crossingthebosporus on August 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “An Interlude in Quotes & Minor Silliness (S-Minor?)”

  1. That’s a love,y mix of subjects, which made me laugh at the end! 🙂

  2. I remember when I first watched The Room. I couldn’t believe it lol It was like watching a train wreck… I couldn’t avert my eyes

    And I need to get to reading MacDonald. I’m always hearing good things about him.

    • If the goal of a great work of art is to stick within your memory long after the fact, then The Room has somehow managed to achieve status as a great work of art even if it’s for a vastly different reason than Tommy Wiseau originally intended.
      Oh hi Mark!

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