Two Great Articles

As I mentioned, one of the hard parts about coming back from somewhere is catching up. But that can also be a joy, especially when you discover worthwhile articles to read. I’ve been long following a blog titled “Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy.”

While not all the articles are exactly up my theological alley (articles on Mercersburg theology, I’m looking at you), this blog is a great wealth of Orthodox thought and the writers are thorough, well-researched, and engaging.

As such I would like to recommend two great articles recently posted:

Using the Bible Against Christians: Sola Scriptura Atheism: Have you ever encountered an atheist (most likely online) who quotes randomly from the Bible to make whatever point there is to be made? I’ve found in debates with some atheists that they have startling similarities to Christian fundamentalists. They both tacitly accept the idea of “sola scriptura” but one side believes in the deity portrayed by a sola scriptura reading and the other side does not.

(And here I want to emphasize that I am referring to some atheists because I have also met some that realize that various people who describe themselves as Christian accept different hermeneutics when it comes to Biblical interpretation. Of course the next objection tends to be that simply because people can’t agree the whole thing is pointless, wrong, or whatever. You know, just like how literary scholars can’t always agree on which quartos best reflect Shakespeare’s intentions, therefore Shakespeare never existed and his plays were written by aliens from the future. Or something…)

The Septuagint and Textual Criticism: Keeping with the theme of the Bible, here is a great article on textual criticism. While the whole article is interesting, the critiques of the foundational ideas behind textual criticism interested me the most. My seminary was very much in the “textual criticism” school of thought. I remember in my first paper in my New Testament class I argued that the idea of “Q” and the Orthodox/Catholic idea of Tradition were in many ways compatible. Apparently my professor didn’t care for that idea because I barely passed that class.


~ by crossingthebosporus on August 15, 2012.

One Response to “Two Great Articles”

  1. Good ones, my friend, and the first one is compulsory reading for all apologists I’d say. Thank you for bringing them to our attention – much appreciated.

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