Away on a Journey

I wanted to give a heads-up to all my regular readers. I will soon be headed out of town for roughly three weeks. And while it will be in many ways nice to be “off the internet” for such a long period of time, I will also miss the posts, discussions and comments of this little corner of the blogworld. I enjoy the thoughtfulness and challenge of all the views that I get a chance to read here. May the saints protect you and God bless you.

And please don’t forget about me in those three weeks. I need your wisdom otherwise people will start to realize the horrible truth:



~ by crossingthebosporus on July 21, 2012.

7 Responses to “Away on a Journey”

  1. May the Lord guard and guide you on your journey, and may the angels be with you. Hope it all goes well, and will be here awaiting your return my friend. God go with you. xx Jess

  2. Just to say that this is a wonderful blog, and that your voice is missed.
    Hope the journey has gone well xx Jess.

  3. I hope your ‘like’ for my last post means you are back with us soon – you’ve been missed 🙂 Hope the vacation has been a good one.

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