Quotes From English Poet George Herbert

George Herbert was a metaphysical poet of the 17th century and a priest in the Church of England. He stands alongside John Donne (although is perhaps less well-known) as one of the poetic geniuses of the 17th century.

Here George Herbert writes about spiritual perspective:

“Yet as in sleep we see foul death, and live:

So devils are our sins in perspective.”

In a later poem George Herbert writes about how our attitude should be when we (as individuals) look at the Church:

“I am a scandal to the Church, and not

The Church is so to me.”

To end on a slightly different note, here is a great quote from Elder Amphilochios:

“I see in the face of each person the image of God. And for this image of God I am willing to sacrifice everything.”


~ by crossingthebosporus on July 13, 2012.

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