Another Great Blog Post About Ecclesiology

From a great blog (Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy) that I enjoy reading:

For Leithart and others, however, schism is almost an essential attribute of the Church itself, and unity is a mere fantasy and eschatological hope. The scriptures and rest of the tradition of the Church show the opposite: the Church is one Body, with one faith and one Head over all. These are not novel ideas or mere assertions, but are the very words of the Gospel and of the New Covenant. No amount of metaphorical Old Testament text wrangling can overturn them.

As mentioned previously in my posts, I am tending to fall more on the crypto-Catholic side rather than the Orthodox side. However I deeply enjoy reading the thoughts posted on this blog, and this piece against some “Reformed Catholic” ideas is very well argued. Reformed Catholic is a group within the Reformed tradition, not the Catholic tradition. Their use of “Catholic” refers to the small “C” catholic.


~ by crossingthebosporus on July 3, 2012.

One Response to “Another Great Blog Post About Ecclesiology”

  1. It’s a great post. But, of course, it speaks to the heart of what is bothering us both. The bride of Christ is not an adulteress – impious thought – and if more than one claims to be her husband, then unless she is to have seven in succession as each dies, which can’t be so, we remain with out dilemma.

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