Just a Reminder: It’s Illegal to be Homeless in the USA

An United Methodist Pastor has been living in radical solidarity with the homeless of San Antonio, Texas. She gave up everything (as Saint Francis of Assisi and numerous others have before) and became homeless to pursue ministry with the homeless and to advocate against the criminalization of homelessness and poverty in the USA.

This brave pastor has recently been arrested for “camping in public,” a legal term that almost solely applies only to homeless people who are trying to sleep wherever they can. Especially when homeless shelters are non-existent or over-full.

Link to the local news story

So, Mr. Politician. Please tell me again how the USA is a “Christian” nation?


~ by crossingthebosporus on July 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Just a Reminder: It’s Illegal to be Homeless in the USA”

  1. If, when we feed the hungry and offer shelter to the homeless, we do these things to Christ, then when we do the opposite, we do them to Christ too.

    • Yes I can’t help but feel that by locking away the poorest of the poor in America, many people are trying to avoid looking into the face of Christ suffering. That’s one of the reasons why I love crucifixes so much. They confront us with the present reality of Christ’s body suffering throughout the world. They are a direct challenge to our comfort, just as the poor among us are.

      • I do agree, we have lost something important about our Faith my concentrating so much on words. It is why I love icons and statues, not because I worship them, but because they remind of the physicality of Christ and the reality of His earthly presence.

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