Tillich and Barth (Plus Bonus!)

Coming fast on the heels of yesterday’s list thought-experiment of crypto-Catholicism, I decided I would veer off in another random direction. Well, not so random. Enjoy a couple of quotes from two radically different theological traditions that are, nonetheless, very profound:

“If religion simply followed the general trend of public opinion, it would have no word at all worth listening to.”

-Paul Tillich

“It is not in dispute that we are hills which hear of divine peace from the mountain. The Gospel is the mountain from which that peace comes to the hills. We hear (and understand) the Gospel only when we do not ignore the relation between it and us, when we do not ignore the actuality or reality with which it does not so much stand over against us as encounter us.”

-Karl Barth

And then, because I just can’t so easily post Protestant thoughts without giving in to my crypto-Catholicism, enjoy some Saint Augustine too!

“I dare to say, brethren, that perhaps not even John himself has said it as it is, but only as he could, for a man here has spoken about God, a man enlightened  by God, but still a man. Because enlightened, he has said something; if he had not been enlightened, he could have said nothing; but because he is an enlightened man, he has not said it all as it is, but only said it as a man can say it.”

-Saint Augustine


~ by crossingthebosporus on June 29, 2012.

One Response to “Tillich and Barth (Plus Bonus!)”

  1. I love the quotations. Augustine’s apophatic side is so visible in the one you use. He is so right – we can only speak as men can speak, which is always to recognise the gap between the creature and the Creator, the finite and the Infinite.

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